Top With Multiple Loads In His Ass

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Description: This top doesn't need lube - he's got probably 20 loads of cum in his ass. Need more lube? Just squirt some cum out of your ass and voila you've got lube. Just think how dirty and toxic his load's gotta be if he regularly gets that much cum in his ass.
Submitted by: PornFanatic
Added on: 2013-02-02 00:00:00
Runtime: 04:58
Views: 1865962


  • Barebackbottomno wrote 2238 days ago:
    This top is a hot fucking cum dispenser!
  • Barebackbottomno wrote 2238 days ago:
    This top is a hot fucking cum dispenser! This is fantastic!
  • RawPozLust wrote 2233 days ago:
    I want to drink and shower in poz cum drippin from his AIDS cunt!
  • bigbiguy78 wrote 2226 days ago:
    Wow...not sure what to say. Probably the hottest video I have ever seen!
  • incub8er wrote 2221 days ago:
    Oh man...I want that top to sit over my open mouth and film me drinking it as he forces it into my mouth. That is the ULTIMATE snowballing act!
  • NastyPigDad wrote 2221 days ago:
    fukkkkk..let me feel that poz cock in my ass and drink that aids juice from his drippin PigHole !!
  • incub8er wrote 2217 days ago:
  • Handpuppet wrote 2168 days ago:
    I WANT to play with these guys! Love the way the cum is flowing during play, fantastic!
  • gata333 wrote 2166 days ago:
    yeah, wish I could felch that top's hole deep!
  • msclverspg wrote 2112 days ago:
    I want to fucking be that top - fucking hot
  • rawraunchrocks wrote 2076 days ago:
    I'd love bathing in that hot, sticky, wet mess. Gulp Gulp...
  • cjbear wrote 2060 days ago:
    one of the hottest bareback fucks i have seen, that is a lot of hot cum in both holes
  • piggyandblack wrote 1982 days ago:
    I have to agree with cjbear on this one. I've watched this clip a dozen times and still can't get enough. Particularly love the double screaming nut busting at the end. You just don't get that kind of Raw passion in professionally made vids...IMO.
  • Acerooster wrote 1881 days ago:
    I want some!
  • derekporn wrote 1685 days ago:
    Best fucking vid ever!!!!
  • bottompigboi wrote 1119 days ago:
    I would have loved to have fetched that cummy hole!....ffffuuuuuccccckkkkk!
  • hungrypighole wrote 970 days ago:
    Looks like they just came home from a weekend at the baths full of anon loads - now sharin' all that poz cum!

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